Motivated: Get fit with pleasure!

"Mens sana in corpore sano...", already the Romans knew, because „a healthy mind lives in a healty body“. Exercise improves the health and clears the mind. We provide the incentive and the motivation, because most of the time it comes by bringing it closer to you.
Our vital coaches will be happy to advise you!

Good morning fitness

with vital coach Alex
"The early bird gets the worm..." A light training session that boosts the blood flow and oxygen supply and activates metabolic activities.

Acqua Gym

Acqua Gym is a joint- and hip-friendly movement training in water.

Nordic walking

with vital coach Alex
Gentle cardio training in the nearby Forest Montiggl with and without Nordic-walking-sticks. Walking with sticks stimulates heart-activity, circulation and metabolism, increases endurance and strengthens the entire body and lifts the spirits.

BODY FIT - functional circuit training

with vital coach Alex
During the varied training unit Body Fit the entire body is trained.


In an increasingly hectic world, we long for deceleration and inner peace. Together we choose the path for integral health, inner beauty, relaxation and harmony. Yoga in South Tyrol, Yoga at the Weinegg.


Do you enjoy a group training concept in which tipical martial arts techniques are combined with aerobics and fitness? Then the Aerokick workout is a must! With fast boxing techniques and powerful kicks, moving rythmically to motivating beats you train your Strenght,Endurance,Coordination and Mobility.

Back training

with vital coach Alex
With regular back training, the strength and flexibility of the back can be maintained and improved and the trunk muscles can be strengthened.

Guided Bike tours

with vital coach Alex
Pedaling together is motivating and twice as much fun.
On our guided bike tours Alex shows you a wide range of tips and tricks about biking. Together we go on discovery tours through our Mediterranean vineyards and castles, through romantic villages as well as through alpine regions in the low and high mountains.

Guided hiking tours

Directly from the Hotel Weinegg, the route leads through picturesque vineyards and apple orchards to the nearby Forest Montiggl.

Chakra Meditation

The breath is our inner connection to the outside world. Through it we take in air and life energy, which vitalizes us, gives us strength and connects us with the environment. We practice this during the Chakra Meditation.

Relaxation training

Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen.

Sensory hike - Experience the forest consciously

with vital coach Alex
Give yourself a break, rest. Consciously let go of thoughts of everyday life.

Personal Kickboxing training

Are you alreay loaded in the morning and feel the need to release your energy somehow? Than this is your workout: wear boxing gloves and try out our Boxing or Kickboxing training! As result you will have a great stress reduction as well as a mega intensive workout that burns a lot of calories

Qi Gong: (Re)activate your life energy

Qi Gong stands for a variety of traditional exercises that have a specific effect on our life energy. They promote physical health and strengthen mental balance. The combination of flowing physical exercises - almost like in slow motion -, breathing and meditation exercises help to (re)harmonize the "Qi" and make it flow.

This offer is free of charge for our house guests.

Stretch & Relax

with vital coach Alex
Movable, felxible and relaxed. A beneficial training unit for healthy mobility in everyday life.

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