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A broad range of wines with special features and stylish designs is waiting for you in our wine store at Hotel Weinegg. Fine and rare wines from South Tyrol and the whole world are stored behind glass like treasures.
Life in the rhythm of wine. South Tyrol is a small, but excellent, wine-growing region. Around 20 varieties of grape flourish between 200 and 1000 metres in altitude. The various climates and terroirs create very varied and outstanding wines. Of course, you can find, taste and buy these cellar treasures from our wine store. Enjoy an evening tasting fine wines.

With his passion for wine-growing, our chef Bruno is continuing the legacy of his family’s farm with his two brothers. Whilst some varieties of grape mature in our own cellars and are made into wine by us, others are matured and made into wine by local wineries in Girlan and St. Michael.

Some of these wines have won international awards. For example, the “Pasithea Oro” by the Girlan winery: a late harvest from the Gewürztraminer, this wine is produced entirely from our grapes. The “Montiggl Riesling” is another example: an elegant wine from the St. Michael winery that stands out thanks to its fruity notes and mineral acidity. Let our sommelier tell you about our wines and taste some true treasures.

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