Saunas for adults

Do you prefer a humid, mild sauna or a hot, dry sauna? You don’t have to choose at our wellness hotel in Eppan: simply try out a few different ones and experience the different effects.

Wellvivas' fragrant theme Peelings

Our daily changing themed scrubs perfectly complement the effect of sauna bathing. By massaging in salt or sugar crystals, the skin is freed from excess sebum and dirt. At the same time, the body's repair program ramps up and ensures the production of new skin cells. Start exfoliation in the sauna after pre-sweating, which means after one or two 10-15 minute sauna sessions. By then your skin pores will have widened sufficiently for the peeling to take full effect.

Steam sauna

Regenerate your respiratory system: Warm steam clouds work their wonders on your body.
> 40 - 45°

Finnish event and panorama sauna

Intense sweating: Slow down and relax with heat and stimulate your circulation through themed sauna infusions and the perfect body mask.
> 80-90°


Cooling down after a hot sauna is one of the most important phases of the sauna process. The dry cold in the snowroomis particularly suitable for this. The lungs are refreshed through deep breaths, regardless of whether you are sitting or standing. After a short acclimatization, the experience is intensified if the arms and legs are massaged with fresh powder snow –especially beneficial after sports activities, or to relieve pain. A small amount of snow is massaged directly into the affected area to stimulate it and relieve the discomfort.
>  max. -10° C 

Organic herb sauna

Soft sauna experience: gently warming your body, mind and soul.
> > 45 - 50°60°


Use the knowledge passed down. Activate your life energy on a spa holiday and strengthen your immune system with a Kneipp bath. It works against too high or too low blood pressure, it alleviates pain, helps with heart and vascular diseases and stimulates the circulation. It is recommend that you wade through the Kneipp course four to five times lifting up your legs like a stork, always starting with the warm water. If you would like to rest afterwards then end your Kneipp course in the warm water, if you are heading for the sauna then in the cold water.  
cold-water-basin 9° C 
whirlpool 35° C

Spacious chill out zones

A relaxing holiday to your taste. Lean back in our chill out zones before and after going to the sauna and take time to simply dream. Let all your burdens simply fall away from you. A pure spa holiday!
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