Passive oxygen training for your cells

IHHT – Intermittent hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment

IHHT therapy starts at the roots of human health: our cells.
During an IHHT session, you breathe in air with high and low oxygen levels at individually adjustable intervals through a breathing mask. The changing levels of oxygen in the bloodstream allow the body to increase the number of healthy mitochondria, while less efficient ones will be substituted over time. This gives you higher energy levels, an improved resistance to stress and slows down the aging process. The release of various messenger substances and hormones also stimulates mental balance. This passive oxygen training for your cells takes place in a lying or half-sitting position and, unlike altitude training in the mountains, it’s not strenuous, but deeply relaxing – the effect on the body, however, is comparable. During ihht therapy you will be carefully and individually supervised by our therapists. It goes without saying that your vital functions will be permanently monitored.

Effects of IHHT passive oxygen training on your body
  • increased number of mitochondria = more energy in your cells
  • strengthened immune system
  • improvement of sleep quality
  • reduction of chronic fatigue
  • activation of the lipid metabolism
  • support of weight loss
  • increased physical and mental performance
  • improved stress resistance
  • regulated and stimulated hormonal balance
  • recommended as Long COVID therapy
IHHT - Oxygen cell training
IHHT therapy
Price: 170.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
IHHT oxygen cell training 50 minutes 170 euro
5 IHHT sessions 700 euro - duration of stay 7 days
10 IHHT sessions 1300 euro - duration of stay 14 days

Package: Movement
Price: 440.00 €
Duration: 5 days
PACKAGE Active-Week
On vacation you finally find time to do something for your body and your mind. Our sports package is ideally suited for this. Our exercise experts tailor the training sessions to you and your individual needs. Our oxygen cell training lets your cells breathe deeply. The reward at the end: a regenerative and loosening sports massage.

3 personal training sessions of 50 minutes
1 sports massage of 50 minutes
1 IHHT oxygen cell training of 50 minutes

Recommended length of stay: 5-7 days 440 euro
Package: Wellbreathing
Price: 500.00 €
Duration: 7 days
More energy for every situation in life
Benefit from the results of IHHT oxygen cell training in the long term: Through special breathing exercises, you can specifically strengthen your immune system at home by flooding your body with energy and oxygen, and accordingly enter a state of deep relaxation. It is a way to lower your stress level in the long term.

3 x IHHT sessions  +  Breathing training of 40 minutes  = 500 Euro

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