Painless freedom of movement


My goal is to recognize changed movement patterns and limitations through individual physiotherapy and to work out an optimal movement development and control together with you. Whether through ailment, an accident or as a preventative measure: I will gladly assist you to regain your physiological and pain-free freedom of movement, to gain independence and to promote quality of life. For this purpose I will set specific stimuli that stimulate and activate the endogenous healing process.

Manual therapy

Special handles and techniques are used to treat functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system and to stimulate mobilization.

Fascia therapy

A targeted fascial treatment can loosen damaged, stuck and twisted fasciae. These are usually due to incorrect strain, little movement and stress.

Kinesiological taping

Kinesiological taping is a form of therapy in which elastic strips are applied to the skin with certain stretching strengths.
The kinesiologic tape unfolds its effect only during movement and thus adapts to your needs.

Physiotherapeutic (sports) massages

Our sports massage is a special massage that has a preventive but also regenerative function. When our muscles are under high stress, our body needs more attention. Sports massage helps to improve performance, prevents injuries and helps muscles and fasciae to relax. A session with our certified physiotherapist is useful not only for people who practice their sport at a high level but also for amateur athletes.

Sports Physiotherapy

In sports physiotherapy, sports injuries are detected and treated with various techniques so that you can achieve full sport-specific resilience. This includes preventive measures as well.

Targeted therapeutic training

Specific exercises to improve mobility, strength and coordination are individually adapted to your needs.
This increases the resilience of the individual vulnerabilities and your entire musculoskeletal system.
Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
The Functional Movement Screen analyzes the fundamental movement patterns and forms the basis for a healthy, sustainable training.
Kinesiological Taping
Price from: 30.00 €
Physiotherapeutic (sports) massages
Price from: 50.00 €
Partial massage approx. 25 minutes 50 euro
Full-body massage  approx. 50 minutes 85 euro
Full-body massage ca. 75 minutes 120 euro
Price: 85.00 €
  • Targeted therapeutic training
  • Manual therapy
  • Sports Physiotherapy
  • Fascia therapy

approx. 25 minutes 50 euro
approx. 50 minutes 85 euro

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