Mobility & painlessness

For more vitality satisfaction and well-being

The right way of exercising in the right measure is the best prevention against various diseases, pains and ailments. As part of our sports and exercise programs, we help you improve your athletic performance, get rid of pain and limitations, and regain your natural mobility.
Sport- und Bewegungstherapie
Posture and movement analysis
Price: 90.00 €
Duration: 60 minutes
Along our posture and movement analysis, vital-coach Alex will perform various body exercises with you, during which he will analyze your basic movement and stabilization patterns and detect posture errors. With an exercise plan tailored to you, you can then target your weak points at home, thereby reducing pain and improving your mobility.
Analysis 30 minutes
Practical exercise session 30 minutes 
90 euro
Personal Training
Price from: 80.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Our personal training sessions are all about you and your goals. It is an individual training session specifically designed for you „face to face“ with your movement experts Maurizio and Alex. They will be happy to advise you, show you effective workouts to do at home and help you optimize your health.

Personal training approx. 60 minutes 80 euro
3 sessions of personal training 210 euro
Package: Movement
Price: 250.00 €
Duration: 4 days
New mobility through targeted training
Specially designed packages for people with aches, pains or limitations in their mobility. 

1 Fitness, posture and movement analysis 60 minutes
1 physiotherapy 50 minutes
1 personal training session 50 minutes
Individual exercise plan for home
Re-test at your next stay

Including one personal training session 4-5 days 250 euro

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Alex, sports and fitness Trainer

Alex‘s range of expertise is wide and varied: Alex is a certified fitness and personal trainer, medical fitness trainer, sports nutrition consultant, functional trainer and sauna master. In addition, kinesiological taping is also one of his areas of expertise. Even the longest journey begins with the first step. It is important to Alex to awaken the joy of movement in his
guests through inner drive. He wants to create physical and mental energy, strength and joy of life through the pleasure of movement. His plan is to give you the strenght which will accompany you on the way to your individual goal. He motivates his guests during various training sessions and supports them in analyzing their own habits and throwing the bad ones overboard. His sports and exercise offer is diverse: there is certainly something for everyone. Trust him and feel the potentiated power of synergy to regain the dynamic flow of inner balance between tension and relaxation.
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