In an increasingly hectic world, we long for deceleration and inner peace. Together we choose the path for integral health, inner beauty, relaxation and harmony. Yoga in South Tyrol, Yoga at the Weinegg.
Hatha-Yoga I Vinyasa-Yoga
„Practice and all is Coming“
Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois

Yoga is a traditional method of personal development that harmonizes body, mind and spirit. In yoga, movements are combined with breathing and meditation exercises to maintain and strengthen physical and mental health. Regular yoga not only makes the body more flexible, but also frees the mind.

Yin Yoga
„Relaxation begins in the outer layers of the body and travels to the deep layers of our existence.“ - Yogasutra 2.48
Yin yoga focuses on slow, passive stretching exercises. The centre of a yin yoga class is four to six asanas, each held for between three and six minutes. This style of yoga promotes flexibility, is designed to loosen stuck fasciae, strengthen ligaments, tendons and joints and relax the body and mind.

Yoga Nidra - The conscious sleep
Yoga Nidra, also called „healing sleep“, is a guided meditation consisting of different stages. Beginning with awareness of the breath, followed by a „body scan“ – in other words the circling of awareness through the body, we reach a state of consciousness similar to that just before falling asleep. Through this reduction of brain tension, the practitioner achieves a strong recovery effect, according to studies even comparable to 3-4 hours of sleep!

Meridian Yoga
This holistic method for more health, energy and well-being helps you to release blockages and let your natural life energy flow.

These activities are free of charge for our guests.

Luisa is also happy to hold an individualized yoga session for one person upon request.
50 minutes 75 Euro
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