Working together for your wellbeing

Relaxation and recovery

Your free time is precious. That’s why it’s essential to spend it in the right place. Every member of our team at our five-star Hotel Weinegg in Eppan loves what they do. We want to make your holiday special because our goal is to ensure that you are fully satisfied.

Bruno & Erika Moser

We have been running Hotel Weinegg in Girlan since 1987. Since then, we have been striving to create a retreat where you can feel at home.

We welcome you to relax at Hotel Weinegg. You will be greeted with a warm handshake and we will be happy to listen to your needs. You can retreat here and regain your inner balance. “There is nothing we can’t do”: this is our motivation to do our best every day. It is important to us to create a cosy, homely environment for your holiday. We aim to create a space where you can relax however works best for you. As your hosts, we are there for you and do our best to meet your requirements.

Erika and Bruno Moser

Alexander Hamberger

Cordiality, accuracy, organizational talent and leadership skills are among his strengths and distinguish him. He is passionate about the tourism sector: after around 20 years as a director in Südtirol I Alto Adige tourism organizations, in 2020 he took the plunge into living hospitality: together with the host family Erika and Bruno Moser, he is building on the Weinegg‘s continued success and future. But his passionate heart also beats for medicine: as our „hotel doctor“, the volunteer paramedic is at the service of his neighbour for minor aches and pains as well as for major indispositions.

Samuel Mössner

He has known our regular guests for a long time and is no stranger to the Weinegg, having grown up here with us and having worked his way up over the years from Commis to Chef de Rang and then to the position of Vice-Maître through hard work, commitment and enjoyment. Now, as a junior assistant, he is part of the management team and supports our chief Erika, our chief Bruno and our CEO Alexander Hamberger in word and deed. His cheerfulness, his expertise, his quick perception skills and his love of contact with our dear guests characterise him. Together with our CEO he also takes care of quality control, the optimisation of processes and staff management.

Marlen Hofmann

She’s always there in the background, standing ready on silent, hard-working feet. She brings warmth and love to our hotel with her discreet, attentive care, both in the advice and assistance she offers our guests and the innovative ideas she brings to the team. Ever since day one, she has been indispensable to the development of the Weinegg.

Steffen Borris

Steffen, a restaurant expert with many years of experience in the hospitality industry, will introduce you to the fascinating world of drinks and cocktails at our skyBAR. With his welcoming personality, he creates an inviting atmosphere in which each and every single one of our guests can feel at ease. Steffen has a special feel for the wishes and preferences of his guests, and his intuition enables him to conjure up cocktails that are sure to delight their tastebuds. Come by and enjoy the wonderful ambience of our skyBAR.
Our team of bartenders

Alfons Delueg

As swift as his Vespa, Alfons flits from table to table with a watchful, ever-attentive eye. Through his many long years of experience in the profession, everything runs as smooth as clockwork. Always with a smile to share, he makes sure that no guest’s wish goes unfulfilled.

Elias Oberhuber

He was already working with us when cell phones were still 15 cm high and 7cm large. He perfectly knows his way around and they say that he knows every screw by name and can hear the electricity coursing through the cables. Elias has been part of our team for over 30 years, and knows the Weinegg like the back of his hand. Genie of the lamp for your every wish, fixer and mender extraordinaire, and always up for a laugh: Elias is a true master of all trades. He’s normally the one that picks you up from the station or airport and, at the very latest, you’ll bump into him on our shuttle bus to Bolzano or when he’s driving you to your destination of choice: Once everybody and everything is ready and waiting in the shuttle bus, it’s generally time for a cheery conversation. Sometimes though, silence is the most wonderful thing of all when you’re being chauffeured through the countryside of Südtirol I Alto Adige. Elias just knows what you want at any given moment, a trick he has perfected during his many long years of experience. The moment he brings your last piece of luggage to your room after you arrive, his now leaf-flat cell phone is already ringing again: the next job is waiting for him.
Our team of house technicians

Aline Moser

Jacqueline Head of Reception
Jacqueline has been part of the Weinegg team for many years. After returning from maternity leave, she is now supporting the reception team in her new role as deputy reception manager. She loves meeting people and making their stay as wonderful as possible. She enchants guests and colleagues alike with her warm manner and friendly smile.
Our team in the reception

Moritz Schweigkofler

Chef de Cuisine
Our Chef de Cuisine Moritz simply doesn't fit the cliché of a Chef at all: sporty, quiet, relaxed and preferably inconspicuous, he smiles his way through life. He doesn't really like to be the center of attention. He much prefers to tinker quietly and relaxedly with new flavor compositions and to create enjoyable South Tyrolean specialties and Alpine-Mediterranean dishes with passion and enthusiasm from fresh, regional ingredients. He is also happy to pass on his skills: calmly and devotedly, he trains the youngest members of his brigade. When he's not following his culinary mission, he gets on his racing bike or mountain bike in any weather and at almost any time of day or night. Just as in the kitchen, passion drives him: The superlative racing bike marathon with 5,500 meters of altitude, four Alpine passes and a distance of 238 km or the mountain bike marathon at Lake Garda, which is unique in its difficulty and leads over two mountain passes in a distance of 58 km, 2,300 meters of altitude and 63 hairpin bends? There is no challenge he shies away from. His favorite menu? Cinema for gourmets with a shot of adrenaline and sport.
Our kitchen team

Dominic Fraschio

It‘s all about passion: MAîTRE-SOMMELIER
The daily variety, the exchange with our guests and employees and the challenge that grows with each wine recommendation have given him great pleasure for over 15 years. Dominic finds it most enjoyable to participate in our guests‘ lifes, to hear funny stories and to develop true friendships from season to season. He feels most at home in our wine cellar: over 16,000 bottles are stored there and he knows them all by name. Where does his enthusiasm come from? „With each grape harvest, new flavor and aroma combinations are bottled. Each bottle holds a secret. There‘s a surprise under every cork!“ Dominic enthuses.
Food & Beverage Team

Valentina Pali

Head governess
After graduating from the University of Economics in her home country Albania, Valentina came to Italy. With her family she moved to South Tyrol 5 years ago, where she discovered her passion for housekeeping work. Her goal is perfection:mopping, sweeping, fluffing beds, polishing and scrubbing until everything shines. This is topped off with attentions such as fresh fruits, homemade pralines and iced prosecco. She loves to scurry around unobtrusively and make everything shine as if by magic. „That‘s how fragrant cleanliness smells!“ Diligence, dedication, humility and respect for your profession, as well as her eagle eye for every detail, have gotten her where she is now. Together with Vice governess Dionisa manage the many hardworking hands of our housekeeping team, sends them in the right places, check everything over down to the last details after the work is done, and lend a hand themselves.
Our houskeeping team

Alex Lang

Vital-Couch, Sports and Fitness Trainer
Alex‘s range of expertise is wide and varied: Alex is a certified fitness and personal trainer, medical fitness trainer, sports nutrition consultant, functional trainer and sauna master. In addition, kinesiological taping is also one of his areas of expertise. Even the longest journey begins with the first step. It is important to Alex to awaken the joy of movement in his guests through inner drive. He wants to create physical and mental energy, strength and joy of life through the pleasure of movement. His plan is to give you the strenght which will accompany you on the way to your individual goal. He motivates his guests during various training sessions and supports them in analyzing their own habits and throwing the bad ones overboard. His sports and exercise offer is diverse: there is certainly something for everyone. Trust him and feel the potentiated power of synergy to regain the dynamic flow of inner balance between tension and relaxation.
Our Sport & Active Team

Manuela Thaler

wellviva SPA Manager
Manuela has loved fl owers, herbs and the creative mixture of homemade creams since childhood. The human body, the power of touch, bringing the psyche and the body in harmony and working with people fascinates and inspires Manuela. Today, she combines the use of high-quality products with professional expertise and personal passion for her craft .
Our Spa Team

Johanna Schweigkofler

Creative and active: „CREA(C)TIVE - This special word symbiosis describes our Johanna best. When passion and profession are combined, heart and soul are the guardians of commitment. This is exactly the case for Johanna. She loves to give free rein to her creativity in print and media design as well as web marketing. One thing is for sure: she is quick on her feet and boring is definitly not a word to describe our Johanna.

Kathrin Rinner

Head Kidsclub
Kathrin is the new manager of our children’s club. She has always dreamt of working in close contact with people and especially children, to support them and entertain them. It’s her passion to develop new games, build beautiful things from various materials, and take children on great adventures. She especially enjoys meeting new children and treating them to an unforgettable holiday. Parents know their children are in the best of hands with her, and they can spend carefree moments of togetherness without feeling nervous.
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