Weinegg Wellviva Resort  = CLIMATE HOUSE A
The entire hotel complex has been adapted to the highest climate house standards over the last few years.
All parts of the building are thermally insulated and meet the requirements of a class A climate house.
Owner Bruno comments, „It was important for us to build with rock wool because it meets our expectations:
a sustainable and non-combustible insulation material.“
All new ventilation systems are equipped with a heat recovery system.

Thermally insulated panels
Our indoor-outdoor-infinity-pool is equipped with a modern roller blind system, which uses thermally insulated panels to prevent cooling during the night hours. This way it contributes to real energy saving.


Our entire hotel kitchen was equipped with the latest technological energy load management.
We produce our very own green electricity
Our new photovoltaic system by the renowned brand “Longi Solar” produces sustainable energy with an impressive output of approxrimately 160 kilowatt-peak (kWp). This means that Longi Solar’s photovoltaic system generates enough electricity to theoretically cover the annual consumption of around 44 households.
We also use the hotel’s combined heat and power plant (CHP) to produce green electricity, namely a total of 120,000 kilowatt hours (kWh). This corresponds to the annual electricity needs of around fourty four-person family households.
The roof of our new building is completely greened. A green roof is not only beautiful to look at, it also contributes to a healthier climate and provides an undisturbed habitat for insects and bees. Technically, it fulfills the tasks of thermal insulation in winter or cooling in summer, achieving significant energy savings in heating or cooling. In addition, it reduces electrosmog and thus creates the best conditions for healthy sleep in our suites.
Natural cosmetics
Natural cosmetics
Nature comes first for TEAM DR JOSEPH. Our aim is to refine natural active ingredients with the latest micro-technological methods, and bring them together in harmony with traditional knowledge
into holistic products and treatments. We think holistically on a human level as well. Mutual support and promotion, in cooperation with plants, nature, ancient know-how, and modern technology make us a synergistic collaboration.
Good for the environment, good for the skin - and now also available at our Wellviva SPA: We are talking about the reusable Bamboo Pads by TEAM DR JOSEPH made
of bamboo viscose and cotton. Super extra: a washable bag for washing the pads at 60°.

Sviluppo sostenibile, bellezza olistica e armonia fanno parte del DNA e dei valori del marchio. Cosmetici biologici con ingredienti naturali (95%) in confezioni riciclate e riciclabili (100%).

Exclusive Make-Up Collection
„Most ingredients are mineral-based and suitable for particularly sensitive skin. Over a third of our products are vegan!“

Sustainability is a matter close to our hearts. Therefore we support climate-friendly travel: In our garage, our six charging stations with "Type 2" plugs are available for a fee and enable AC charging with up to 11 KW.

Water bottles
Use me, again and again!
It is a matter close to our hearts: Disposable bottles are taboo for us.
Biodegradable drinking straws
Biodegradable drinking straws

Our biodegradable drinking straws offer the same quality as those in plastic, with the advantage of being biodegradable. Out of respect for the
environment. Biodegradable straws can completely decompose under controlled composting conditions. 
Knowing that, we‘ll gladly take another glass of Pornstar Martini...
Biodegradable packaging material
Our „Four-Seasons-Overview“ is shipped in high-quality bio-film. 
Hotel slippers made from natural materials
Hotel slippers made from natural materials
Sustainability for natural comfort. Our slippers are made of selected linen, the soles of cork, the lining of natural cotton, and cardboard is used for stabilization. In short: high-quality natural fibres in their most comfy form.
Vitalised water flowing
Vitalised water flowing
At the Weinegg Wellviva Resort we have vitalised water flowing in our water lines. The source of our drinking water is on the Mendel, our „local mountain“ at around 1000 m above sea level. In fact it only takes a few hours for it to flow out of our pipes. This precious commodity is rich in minerals and trace elements and has a health-promoting effect. Vitaltron 2000 is one of the best Swiss water revitalisation and vitalisation devices that gives flowing water a positive energy balance and vitality.

Vitaltron 2010 harmonises the hotel and all outdoor facilities. The Vitaltron 2010 interference suppression device generates a specific, weak magnetic field which is beneficial to health. Interfering influences or stresses caused by geological and electromagnetic fields such as water veins, mobile phone radiation and earth radiation are thus cancelled out. It naturally neutralises the irritant zones and harmonises our Weinegg Wellviva Resort.
Social engagement
The economic, ecological, and social future of our region is very important to us. We are dedicated to actively contributing in a number of ways. We invest in South Tyrol’s young generation by providing internships, hiring and training trainees – through events, talks, or guided tours –, working closely with the local hotel management schools, sponsoring specialist graduation balls, and providing other economic, organisational, and educational measures. We support the FC Südtirol football team and its youth teams, the Weinwelt Girlan cultural association, the local tourist office, South Tyrol’s tourism development, as well as many organisations, associations, and clubs in the fields of culture, sport, civil protection, and youth support. That’s our contribution to the region for its preservation, continuity, and development, and to supporting youth and social organisations.

Together for sustainable travel
Together for sustainable travel
The platform booking.com has introduced a new label for SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL, which is awarded to accommodations that have implemented a variety of sustainability measures. We are very pleased to be among this selection.
Waste separation
RECYCLING Waste separation in all areas.

by using the Suitepad, a digital guest folder, in our rooms and suites.
Reading lounge
Books are windows to fascinating worlds and part of a growing environmental awareness. E-books and digital libraries reduce paper consumption while retaining the uniqueness of physical books. The challenge: finding a balance between tradition and innovation. Our sustainability tip: In our library next to the skyBAR, you can borrow your favorite book and if you don't want to take your vacation reading home with you, we are happy about every new book for our library. Feel free to leave a nice message in the book for the next reader!
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