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Spa – Holiday – Time out

Perk yourself up in the exclusive Wellviva spa area

The spa and a holiday are combined into a very special kind of experience at the Weinegg spa hotel. We christened our spacious spa oasis consisting of a sauna complex, water paradise and beauty farm Wellviva as it is a place of pure relaxation and regeneration.

The interplay between hot and cold, rest and activity, relaxation and vitality reaches its pinnacle in the Wellviva sauna complex. Recharge your batteries on your spa holiday in eight saunas, spacious chill out zones, a Kneipp bath and other spa areas and be inspired.


Spa. Holiday. Weinegg.

The Wellviva sauna complex consist of the following:

Tyrolean sauna room (90° C)

An exceptional sauna experience on your spa holiday. Visiting the Tyrolean sauna room naturally activates the circulation, purifies the body, moisturises the skin and frees up the respiratory tract. Mild, humid heat that raises the temperature make this herbal steam bath extremely pleasant.

Hay bio-sauna (45° C–60° C)

Hay, the miracle cure. Visiting this sauna has a purifying and skin cleansing effect, it boosts the circulation without putting it under too much strain and strengthens the immune system. It also promises to alleviate rheumatic complaints, lumbago and sciatica. 

Aroma steam bath (45° C)

A variety of aromas. The radiation of mild warmth with high humidity is beneficial for the respiratory tract, bronchi and skin. Depending on the essence, a visit to the aroma steam bath can loosen mucous, be anti-inflammatory, soothing, refreshing or stimulate the circulation. 

Neptune bath (37° C–60° C)

The bath of Gods. Your metabolism is boosted, your immune system is strengthened and your body is purified in a gentle manner at a pleasant temperature. The pores open up and skin is cleansed. 

Brine bath (45° C)

A spa holiday like by the sea The brine bath pampers your skin and lungs. The dissolved mineral salts have a purifying and at the same time detoxifying effect. An additional effect of cleansing the respiratory tract is achieved by addition of pure essential oils. 

Herbal bath (55° C)

Breathe easy. The fragrance of exquisite herbs pampers your senses while the pleasant warmth allows your mind and body to relax. Recharge your batteries on a spa holiday!

Kneipp bath

Use the knowledge passed down. Activate your life energy on a spa holiday and strengthen your immune system with a Kneipp bath. It works against too high or too low blood pressure, it alleviates pain, helps with heart and vascular diseases and stimulates the circulation. It is recommend that you wade through the Kneipp course four to five times lifting up your legs like a stork, always starting with the warm water. If you would like to rest afterwards then end your Kneipp course in the warm water, if you are heading for the sauna then in the cold water. 

Spacious chill out zones

A relaxing holiday to your taste. Lean back in our chill out zones before and after going to the sauna and take time to simply dream. Let all your burdens simply fall away from you. A pure spa holiday!

Even more wellness

Our spa resort also has:

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