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Our body and soul treatments…

Trained hands and the healing powers of essential etheric oils.

‘Etheric’ means ‘heavenly’, and heavenly they are: perfumed essences, a declaration of love to body, spirit and soul. Each essential oil has its own purpose and way of working. When used with skill and care, the oils make it possible to carry out treatments which are tailored to the holistic needs of each and every individual.

Our essential oils are 100% naturally pure, guaranteeing the highest standards of organic quality and purity.

We would like to guide you along this path through your own inner garden, where you will find peace, joy and harmony.

Body treatments

A massage on holiday is good for the mind, body and soul. You can completely let go, immerse yourself in a world of dreams and be pampered by the professional hands of our beauty therapists.

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It's the inner values that matter. But it's great if you look good at the same time. With a facial your skin is cleansed and moisturised, accentuating your beauty.

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Cosmetic treatments for your radiant appearance. Our beauty staff are there for you!

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Spa packages

We have worked out various spa packages especially for you and your individual needs that guarantee you luxurious moments relaxations. Treat yourself to a spa day for couples, let yourself be pampered with a tailor-made spa experience in South Tyrol and professionally advised by our staff.

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