We are building your dream holidays!
Therefore our hotel is closed until the 27th of March 2018.
We are available from Monday to Friday from 8.00 o'clock  to 18.00 o'clock, and on weekends from 9.00 o'clock to 17.00 o'clock.
We are glad to welcome you every day in our à la Carte-Restaurant l'Arena.

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Our body and soul treatments…

Trained hands and the healing powers of essential etheric oils.

‘Etheric’ means ‘heavenly’, and heavenly they are: perfumed essences, a declaration of love to body, spirit and soul. Each essential oil has its own purpose and way of working. When used with skill and care, the oils make it possible to carry out treatments which are tailored to the holistic needs of each and every individual.

Our essential oils are 100% naturally pure, guaranteeing the highest standards of organic quality and purity.

We would like to guide you along this path through your own inner garden, where you will find peace, joy and harmony.