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Our spa packages for 360° wellbeing

Treatments adapted to your needs

We have worked out various spa packages especially for you and your individual needs that guarantee you luxurious moments relaxations. Treat yourself to a spa day for couples, let yourself be pampered with a tailor-made spa experience in South Tyrol and professionally advised by our staff.

Spa packages from the Orient

Relax together.
The Orient is the cradle of the bathing culture.
The ancient, oriental ceremony focuses on the relaxation and cleansing of the body.
In the past, the dry dust of the deserts afflicted people; today, it‘s the everyday grind and hectic pace of our society.

• Heat therapy in the steam sauna
• Foam peeling
• Sensual wellbeing bath with hydro massage
• Essential oil massage

approx. 90 minutes

For one person124 EUROS
For the second person76 EUROS

This Indian treatment employing herbs and spices activates the body‘s metabolism.
This encourages the removal of toxic substances,reduces listlessness, and invigorates the immune system.

• Peeling massage with powdered herbs
• Heat therapy in the steam sauna
• Total body oil massage with herbal oils

approx. 90 minutes

For one person124 EUROS
For the second person76 EUROS

Wellviva's beauty & spa packages


• Abhyanga
• Udvartana
• Ear candle therapy
• 1 packet of Ayurveda tea to take home

      2 - 3 days244 EUROS


      • Simultaneous manicure and pedicure
      • Eyebrow contouring
      • Facial exfoliation followed by a nourishing TEAM DR JOSEPH mask

      2 hours180 EUROS


        • Express power lift for men
        • Simultaneous manicure and pedicure
        • Vitality massage

        2 – 3 days230 EUROS

        LA VIE EN ROSE

          • Rose-foam exfoliation
          • Wellviva rose symphony
          • Cleopatra bath
          • Cellular recreation face treatment TEAM DR JOSEPH

          1 – 2 days335 EUROS

          PEDIS DELUXE

            • Foot exfoliation
            • Foot bath with essential aromatic oils
            • Foot massage
            • Nourishing foot pack and hand massage

            approx. 50 minutes69 EUROS

            BACK PACKAGE

            • Wellviva activ back massage
            • Physiotherapy
            • Electrictherapy

            2 - 3 days155 EUROS